Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Play Dates!

The holiday break is approaching and the one thing we commonly hear as parents is "I'm Bored!"  What do we do to keep the kids engaged and having fun in the most practical way possible?  

The Play Date!! 

Play Dates are when two or more children get together in either the home or a mutually designated spot for play time outside of school.  Many people believe that playdates are are great way for children to develop their social skills while making meaningful friendships along the way.  Here are some ideas for play dates....

10 Fun Indoor Playgroup Playdate Ideas
Play Date Activities to Help Children with Autism Learn Social Emotional Skills

Sometimes the first step in securing a play date is to step outside our comfort zone and talk with another parent about the possibility of a play date.  This can be done organically at school events, the playground etc.  This is where you can strike up a conversation and exchange phone numbers or email addresses.

Happy Holidays!!!