Friday, February 7, 2014

Everybody Counts Week!! Feb 18-21

Today, Julie Silva, Communications Social Worker, and Jamie Impastato, Windsor/Foundations social worker and co-facilitated the Communications & Foundations Parent Group today at Windsor.  Today's topic was about "Everybody Counts" week which takes place the week of February 18th.  Members from the PTA joined us as we discussed the purpose of "Everybody Counts" and ways to update the program to coincide with student needs.  On February 12th, the "Everybody Counts" committee will be holding a parent training from 9:30-11:00.  The parent training is for parent volunteers who want to help facilitate a topic in one or more grades.  The parents will learn how to teach the activities created for each grade level.

Kindergarten:  Focuses on Visual, Hearing, and Motor Impairments (Introduction)
First grade:  Focuses on Visual Impairments (Elaboration of Kindergarten topic)
Second grade:  Hearing Impairment
Third grade:  Learning Disabilities
Fourth grade:  Motor Impairments (Elaboration from Primary grades)
Fifth grade:  Medical-related needs such as Diabetes and Allergies, as well as discussion on Autism

Looking to the future...

There was a great discussion on integrating a wider-range of special needs such as speech delays, neurological disorders, sensory issues, and other areas that are not currently addressed in the "Everybody Counts" curriculum.  By addressing a wide-range of special needs, there will be a better connection amongst students to understand and identify real-life situations.