Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Relationship Curriculum in Foundations!

Dear Parents and Guardians,
This fall, we are implementing a new program in our Foundations’ classes!  This program is called “Circles: Intimacy and Relationships Level 1.”  This program is video based and designed to teach our students about a variety of topics related to social skills and relationships.  It is our goal in Foundations to create a common language across classes and grade levels to help students identify different types of relationships, define appropriate actions and greetings for each relationship group, and help our students learn to tell the difference between appropriate and inappropriate touch. 
This program will be taught in each Foundations classroom as a whole group lesson as well as in smaller groups for the students who benefit from additional pre-teaching and practice.  Some topics have been modified to reflect age appropriateness (ex: removal of the handshake circle and the “sweetheart/boyfriend/girlfriend” lesson).

The system is broken into two parts:
1) Social Distance and 2) Relationship Building.
‘Circles’ includes the following colors:
·      Purple – My Private Circle. I am important. No one but me is in this circle.  No one is allowed to touch me without my permission. I am encouraged to say “Stop.”
·      Blue Hug Circle – My family.  Touch, Talk and Trust is reviewed.  In this group, my family might hug or kiss me.  My family will talk with me about my feelings and I may share thoughts with them that I may not share with anyone else.  I trust my family because they listen to me and care about me.
·      Green Faraway Circle - This circle is for friends.  I can give a “faraway” hug on special occasions.  These friends are not in my Blue Hug Circle.  Students at school are in my Green Faraway Circle.  I can ‘high five’ my friends.
·      Orange Wave Circle - This circle includes acquaintances who are too far away to ‘high five.’  Sometimes children may want to hug or kiss you, but you can say NO.  It’s best to wave to children.  They may not know as much as you so you have to show them what to do.
·      Red Stranger Circle - This circle includes people I don’t know.  Some people stay strangers forever.  You may talk about business with a stranger.  Other strangers do not talk to you or touch you.
Please talk to your children about the Circles.  As an at home activity, you can name people in each circle and how you should greet them.   For more information please visit their website at

Jamie Impastato, LSW
School Social Worker

Windsor School

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